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Music That Has Brought Tears To My Eyes


The Following Lyrics:

You see the depths of my heartAnd You love me the same

—from Indescribable by Chris Tomlin (heard about 3:25 into the song OR about 2:50 into this live performance of the song)



Open your heart, open your heartFor I have loved you from the start

—from Song For You by Jenny and Tyler (live)



You’re not alone.You’re now a part of me.

You’ll feel the cure.I’ll feel the toil it brought you.

—from Slow Your Breath Down by Future of Forestry



Maybe the reason for the pain * Is so we would pray for strength

And maybe the reason for the strength * Is so that we would not lose hope

And maybe the reason for all hope * Is so that we could face the world

And the reason for the world * Is to make us long for home

—from The Reason For the World by Matthew West



And the only time, the only time I ever saw Him runWas when He ran to me,

Took me in His armsHeld my head to his chestSaid my son’s come home again

Lifted my faceWiped the tears from my eyes

With forgiveness in His voiceHe said son, Do you know I still love you?

—from the cover of When God Ran by Shaded Red


And These Two Videos (although not the actual songs by themselves):

Light Up the Sky by The Afters

You Are More by Tenth Avenue North


Bonus Lyrics (even though they’ve never quite brought tears to my eyes)

And He’ll break open the skies * To save those who cry out His name

The one the wind and waves obey * Is strong enough to save you

—from Strong Enough to Save by Tenth Avenue North


Still my heart. * Hold me close. * Let me hear a still small voice.

Let it grow. * Let it rise. * Into a shout.  *Into a cry.

—from Restless by Audrey Assad


And the lyrics to My Finest Hour by Matthew West

The king of contradictions strikes againYou said the last to cross the finish line will win

And the beggars will be millionaires somedayAnd the humble ones are gonna have their say

Well all my friends are gone now * And all my money’s gone now

And all my pride is gone now * And if what you say is true now

This will be my finest hour * This will be my finest hour

Well everything is opposite down here * The strong survive and the rest just disappear

Oh, but your philosophy is more unique * You say I’ll be stronger when I’m weak

This will be my finest hour * This will be my finest hour

It’s 2 a.m. and sleepless * I’m wide awake and restless

I don’t know what my deal is * I’ve never felt so helpless

I need you more than ever

No, I don’t understand it * I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend it

It’s so hard to conceive it * So I guess, I’ll just believe it

This will be my finest hour * This will be my finest hour


If you’ve stumbled across this post, please leave a comment and share a song that brings tears to your eyes.



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