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Be a Sellout!

So what do I actually say to the parents who are bereaved at their children’s loss of faith? I say what I say to any Catholic. “Be a saint!” By the grace of God be the most reverent, most radical, most radiant and sold out follower of Jesus Christ. Leave everything and follow him. Sell it all and be a missionary! Even now leave your nets and follow Christ. Do not be afraid. If even only a fraction of Catholics lived as they say they believe, the church and the world would be transformed.

—from the blog post Help My Kids Still Aren’t Catholic!! by Father Dwight Longenecker who blogs at Standing on My Head

(related blog post: Help! My Children Aren’t Catholic Anymore!)



Lately all my friends are talking bout me
They see something different bout me
All I ever hear is “man you’ve changed”
Because I don’t act like everyone
I march to the beat of a different drum
They think I’m going through some kind of phase

Now they call me names
I can hear them say

I’m a sellout
I’m a loser
I’m a yes-man
And I guess I’m never gonna live it down
I’m a sellout

Well I must say that my first inclination
Was to save my reputation
Try to blend right back into the crowd
But the more and more I tried to hide
The less and less I could deny
The truth was screaming at me clear and loud

I gave up the fight
I guess they were right

I’m a sellout (sold out for the King)
I’m a loser (more of Jesus less of me)
I’m a yes-man (yes I will do anything He needs)
And I guess I’m never gonna live it down
I’m a sellout

—lyrics to the song Sellout by Matthew West from the album Sellout



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