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Sister Lucia On Our Lady of Fatima’s Request to Pray the Rosary Daily

She believes God is a Father who “adapts Himself to the needs and possibilities of his children. Now if God, through Our Lady, had asked us to go to Mass and receive Holy Communion every day, there would undoubtedly have been a great many people who would have said, quite rightly, that this was not […]

What God Has Given Us to Protect Ourselves

—from the blog post God gives us the means to protect ourselves by Denise Renner My daughter asked why lions don’t eat giraffes. I explained that giraffes have long, powerful legs and hooves the size of dinner plates to protect them from hungry lions. When she asked the inevitable “Why?” I told her that God […]

A Time Management Tip

From Catholic Memes:  

We Love Mary Because of Christ

The following are reflections from the 33 Day Marian Consecration put together by Dr. Taylor Marshall and the New St. Thomas Institute. It includes quotes and teachings from 33 Catholic Saints. Day 1: Saint John Paul II Saint John Paul II called his own 33 Day Consecration to Mary the “major turning point” of his […]

On Spending More Time with Jesus

Have you ever wondered why you have not yet become a saint? If you’re like most people, the answer is simple: you need to spend more time with Jesus. … You want to come to know, love, and serve Jesus the same way you learn to love and stay in love with anybody (your spouse, […]