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Noting the Final Corporal Work of Mercy

I’m fond of noting the final corporal work of mercy, to bury the dead. It shows the high regard Christians have for the body, which isn’t a husk to be shucked away, but the flesh our Savior took on and sanctified, and which will be raised again. + “I look forward to the resurrection of […]

This Life Matters Infinitely

It makes sense, that if you think this life is all you have you’d want as much of it as you could get. And I don’t make light of the desire to avoid death. Death sucks. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, as I’ve watch a beloved friend slowly dying. Happy happy Christian talk […]

The Possibility of Doing Something About Death

For the Christian, the fear of death is changed from a trembling in the face of an unavoidable doom to a trembling over the possibility of not being in loving-unitive relation with the one who does not die. All things considered, I prefer the Christian trembling. No one may choose not to be annihilated by […]

Our True Birth

Death is meant to be our true birth, our beginning. Christianity, in contrast to paganism, always blesses her children’s spiritual birth into eternity; in the liturgy, the day on which a saint dies is called his natilitia, or birthday. The world celebrates a birthday on the day a person is born to physical life; the […]