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The Emptiness of Materialism, the Lives of the Saints, and Eternity

In the recent book, God or Nothing, Robert Cardinal Sarah makes a comment… “A Godless society, which considers any spiritual questions a dead letter, masks the emptiness of its materialism by killing time so as better to forget eternity.”


…it’s worth considering something that Frank Sheed wrote in Theology for Beginners: “Infinity, omnipresence, eternity—these are rich and rewarding concepts, but we should not stay with them too long at a time without returning to the Gospels to meet the living God.”  In other words, the concept of eternity cannot be separated from the consideration of God’s love for us.  Eternity is not about time, nor the lack of it.  Eternity is about God, and about sharing in His love and in His happiness.

The saints knew this quite well.  In their earthly lives, the greatest saints had a deep concept of God, a deep relationship with Him, and a deep understanding and appreciation of what is meant by eternity.  And if there is one group of people in history who was unfearful about eternity, it is the saints.

—from the article Stephen Hawking, John Lennon and Atheism’s Fear of Eternity by John Clark

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