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Lust vs. Love, Pt. 3: The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Face of God

St. Thomas says that the only thing strong enough to overcome an evil passion is an even stronger good passion. Sex addicts seldom have a clear picture in their minds of the beauty of continence, as Augustine has here. They see continence as merely negative, as the mere absence of sex. Similarly, addicts to war and violence seldom see peace as the positive thing it is for Augustine…

That is why a close relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary is so effective an antidote to both of these poisons of the modern world, lust and violence. IN her, both chastity and peace become positive and beautiful. (Peter Kreeft’s commentary on Confessions, Book 8/Chapter 11/Paragraph 27)


God does not tell Augustine how to conquer “the flesh”. He tells him, through the Apostle Paul, to ignore it (“make no provision for the flesh”), to look at the face of God instead.(Peter Kreeft’s commentary on Confessions, Book 8/Chapter 12/Paragraph 29)

—from the book I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine’s Confessions Unpacked by Peter Kreeft (from the section titled The Romans 7 Experience)


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