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The Gap Between Me and the Saints

STUPID: I know some people can become saints, but I’m not one of them. The gap between me and the saints is like the gap between a pebble and a mountain.

SENSIBLE: I have four answers to that. First, a pebble is a part of a mountain. It’s made of the same stuff. Second, all the saints started where you are, as pebbles. Third, you’re not a pebble—no one is—but a seed. You’re small, but alive. Your whole identity is to grow. Fourth, you will become a saint because everyone in Heaven is a saint. God will not let you go until you are.


STUPID: You’re asking for a radical change. You’re asking too much.

STUPID: I’m afraid.

SENSIBLE: Of what?

STUPID: It costs too much.

SENSIBLE: But the alternative costs more.

STUPID: Hell, you mean?

SENSIBLE: No, I was just thinking of life on earth without this total abandonment. A half life, always torn between yourself and God, never wholly either one. Drawing limits, keeping a little bit, out of fear. That will drive you crazy. Give it all up, and you will be free!

—from How to Be Holy by Peter Kreeft, Appendix Two: A Dialogue between Stupid and Sensible (the Two Parts of My Soul)


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