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Unhealthy Attachment

—from the blog post Christians, it’s simple: if that TV show won’t bring you closer to God—don’t watch it by Matt Walsh

But many Christians pretend not to believe or understand this simple concept. When St. Paul said, “Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God,” we imagine that he meant, but forgot, to include a disclaimer: Whatever you do (*except for the thing you spend the majority of your free time doing, and that influences human behavior to such an extent that companies spend billions of dollars advertising through it*), do it for the glory of God. Quite a boneheaded oversight on the Great Apostle’s part. Or else a boneheaded interpretation on our part.


Predictably, I was accused of being “self-righteous” for so much as hinting that some television shows are counterproductive. Some people fretted that if we try to make moral choices in our TV watching, we may discover that none of our favorite shows are appropriate. What are we supposed to do? Watch no TV at all? How can we endure such a life? My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned us!

Now, to be clear: I did not say, nor do I believe, that we must give up TV completely. But I want to pause here and reflect on this mentality. In Scripture, Christ tells us to give up everything for Him. And there have been scores of Christian martyrs throughout history, and still today, who have done just that. Yet we have judged it unrealistic to give up a TV show?


This, brothers and sisters, is an unhealthy attachment.


Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman


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