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Happiness, the Prosperity Gospel, and…

the Part at the End (which I’ve highlighted in red) That I Think Alludes to Why Only Practicing Catholics Who Are in a State of Grace Should Receive the Eucharist

It’s better to yearn for Christ without knowing that He is the one for which you yearn than to feel no yearning for Christ because you think you have Him when you don’t, or that you’re “close enough” anyway. There is only one thin wall that separates God from the atheist who desires truth but hates the Answer. There is a whole labyrinth of walls and locked doors separating God from the “Christian” who no longer desires truth because he found self-esteem and “positive thinking” instead.

Giving the Prosperity Gospel to our culture is like giving diet pills to a starving man. Yes, he will no longer feel the pangs in his gut, but he is still dying all the same. And dying faster now, in fact. We should eat the Bread of Life or not eat at all, and that should be our message to the world.

—from a blog post by Matt Walsh


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