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The Authentic Work of God in Your Life

—from the blog post 4 Thoughts About Medjugorje and the Authentic Work of God by Dan Burke

As I was making my way to the Catholic Church, I was deeply blessed by an encounter with a 17th century priest who taught me, through his writings, how to overcome aridity in prayer. This was a significant breakthrough for me and brought me tremendous relief. I developed an instant affinity to this priest and looked for other writings of his that might help me. By God’s grace, I didn’t find anything else about him until I became Catholic and discovered that his teachings were condemned by the Church.

The central lesson of this encounter was that God works through people and situations both because of them and in spite of them. In this case, once I received official word about the Church’s ruling on his writings, I set them aside. It is very important to note that I didn’t set aside the truth and the blessings that I received in this case. What I recognized, though, was that the gifts I received were from God, not from this errant priest.


With regard to those who have been changed in and by the events happening at Medjugorje, or even an approved apparition, I would strongly encourage you to attach yourself to the work of God, not to the apparition itself. If, through your engagement with Medjugorje, you have drawn near to God, then you need not have any doubt that He has drawn near to you. If you take this approach, no matter what decision the Church makes, your faith will rest on the authentic work of God in your life.


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