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What God Has Given Us to Protect Ourselves

—from the blog post God gives us the means to protect ourselves by Denise Renner

My daughter asked why lions don’t eat giraffes. I explained that giraffes have long, powerful legs and hooves the size of dinner plates to protect them from hungry lions. When she asked the inevitable “Why?” I told her that God gives each animal some way to protect itself.

And then I realized the same is true of us, only more so…

The world often feels very hostile. It’s easy to forget that God has provided the means to guard our hearts and minds and souls—that we, as Catholics, are uniquely equipped to deal with the cultural onslaught facing us today.

The author then goes on to list and expound on some of what God has given us to protect ourselves:

  • Calling on the name “Jesus”
  • Our Guardian Angels
  • Holy Water
  • The Holy Rosary
  • The Sign of the Cross
  • The Word of God in Scripture





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