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Why Would We Ever Want to Be Anywhere Else?

“But things are going so wrong now!”, some say.

In the satirical writings, dialogues, of the 14th c. Italian author Boccaccio there is story about a Jew who has to go to Rome for something.  The local Bishop has been trying to get the Jew to convert the Christianity.  Knowing the Jew was about to see the Church at its worst in Rome, the corruption and moral turpitude of many of the clerics and religious, even Popes like the Borgias, the Bishop despaired that the Jew would ever covert on his return.   However, once returned from his trip, the Jew went to the Bishop and said, “I’m ready to convert now!”  The Bishop, flabbergasted, replied, “You went to Rome and you saw how horrid things were there… and you still want to join this Church?”  “Yes”, said the Jew. “I figure that with so many wicked and corrupt people hard at work trying to destroy the Church, it shouldn’t have lasted 14 years, much less 14 centuries.  It has to be of divine origin!”

The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ.  That fact alone should be compelling enough for us even in our darkest moments of doubts.  If Christ founded it, why would we ever want to be anywhere else?

He founded the Church and gave His own authority to her to teach, to govern and to sanctify.  He gave her the ordinary means of our salvation in the Sacraments He instituted.  When we pray in our sacred liturgical worship, Christ Himself is praying with our voices, gesturing with our hands in intimate unity with us through our baptismal character.

—from the blog post ASK FATHER: Why should I remain Catholic when the Church doesn’t seem to believe her own message? by Fr. Z


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