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The Laws of Nature and Contentment

It must lead to the formation of a new and different human type, when a whole class is forced into migration, following its changing centres of employment, and family circles are constantly threatened with disruption, and people are continually being packed together with strangers. The tie of blood is no myth, but a stubborn biological fact. Men cannot be contented when they are not allowed to live according to the laws of nature, even if they know nothing about the law they are breaking. And it is a law of nature that men must be formed in close companionship with those to whom they owe the very type of their being, and when they are grown up, their conditions must be such that they can be left alone as much as they need—

—from The Burning Bush by Sigrid Undset, Book 1, Ch. 5 (Emphasis in bold is The Five Minute Catholic’s.)



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