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Why Sin and Evil Actions are Not Unique

Evil recommends the lowest common denominator, but the problem with the lowest common denominator is that it really does make one common, just as the problem with the path of least resistance is that every one takes it in the same manner — by not resisting. Chesterton famously said “a dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.” To this I would only add that dead things rot, and as they rot, become more and more like the next rotting thing — mushy, indistinguishable lumps. All evil is a kind of laziness, a choice for something less than a due good — something easier than the acts of love, patience, magnanimity, and humility that are demanded of us. It is the tool of the tired, the weapon of the weak, and the gospel of the impotent. And though there are as many ways of striving to attain a good as there are goods and men to attain them, there is no uniqueness is the moral laziness of not trying to attain a good — one need only cease trying, to acquiesce to temptation, and become the repeatable type that evil would have him be.

—from the blog post How to Become a Cliche by Marc Barnes who blogs at Bad Catholic


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