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To Go Over Not to Catholics, but to Catholicism

“I must say, I haven’t seen any signs of the Catholic zeal for making converts. I’ve really got to know a whole lot of Catholics, and up to now there isn’t one of you that has moved a finger to convert me!”

Randi looked at him attentively a moment:

“Perhaps that’s just why. Because you know so many—and for the most part such charming and excellent representatives of papistry as Gotaas and Fru Gotaas and Father Tangen—to say nothing of us two. So that we’re afraid you might take it into your head to go over to the Catholics. You see, if you go over to Catholicism, and are afterwards disappointed, you may be sure that the fault is yours—God disappoints no one. On the other hand, if you go over to the Catholics”—she laughed—“it’s possible you may be badly disappointed, and that need not be entirely you fault.”

—from The Wild Orchid by Sigrid Undset, Ch. 15


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