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Do Something For God’s Sake

“No, Paul, you’re wrong there,” said Uncle Abraham weightily. “You do not know what effect the glad tidings of the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Christ has on a dying sinner who trembles for the wrath of judgment. I have witnessed that—oh, times without number! More specially in the case of the worst, the most hardened sinners. You must not be so sure, Paul—it may be your own lot, in the hour of extremity, to grasp at the gospel of salvation—”

“Yes, and it’s you yourselves who have put this idea into their heads of a judgment after death. Though it hasn’t been able to scare them sufficiently to make them behave themselves while they were alive and kicking. No, uncle, if I should ever be converted, as it’s called, I hope it’ll happen while I’m young and have my life before me and can live according to my faith and do something for God’s sake.”

—from The Wild Orchid by Sigrid Undset, Ch. 6



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