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This Life Matters Infinitely

It makes sense, that if you think this life is all you have you’d want as much of it as you could get. And I don’t make light of the desire to avoid death. Death sucks. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, as I’ve watch a beloved friend slowly dying. Happy happy Christian talk makes me angry. Death sucks no matter what.

But so does this secular fear of death. It’s no way to live, hoping not to die.

We — Christians — believe in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come and this frees us from the secular fear of death. It lets us accept with serenity the reality that the difference between living and nonliving things may never be bridged. People who don’t have any belief and hope in the world to come have to play around with corpses. We don’t.

Better, though, it makes this life so much more dramatic and significant. We don’t just live on, we live on in a particular way determined by the way we lived in this life. This life matters infinitely…

—from the blog post The Geeks Can’t Defeat Death by David Mills at Aleteia


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