The Foundation for Respecting Human Dignity

Opposition to abortion and euthanasia forms the necessary foundation for respecting human dignity in other areas such as education, poverty, and immigration.

—from the article Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching by Christopher Kaczor


I want every young girl, including my two granddaughters, to be able to – as you say – “choose their destiny.” I believe that protecting those rights, however, starts with protecting the most foundational right of all: the right of a preborn, human being with a beating heart to see the light of day. A young woman cannot choose her destiny if her life is cut short in the womb.

When we frame abortion as a means of female empowerment, we don’t tell the full story. Indeed, studies show that abortions worldwide disproportionately impacts baby girls.


I say this not to shame any woman who has made the difficult decision to have an abortion but rather in hopes of raising the consciousness of this nation so we can enact needed protections for these members of the human family.

—From the online artilce Congresswoman Writes Amazing Letter to Amy Brenneman, Who Doesn’t Regret Aborting Her Baby at LifeNews.com


2 comments on “The Foundation for Respecting Human Dignity

  1. Even though I don’t entirely agree with you, I appreciate the way you’ve phrased your opinion. It’s rare, these days, that someone can elocute their views on as controversial a subject as abortion without resorting to becoming borderline verbally abusive. As a woman who has never, thankfully, been in a situation where abortion would have even been a necessity, I nonetheless have always been fervently pro-choice – if for no other reason that I believe the majority of abortions are the result of a horribly traumatic, difficult or untenable situation in which a woman is forced either to save her own life by means of this procedure, or where the unborn child is medically not a viable life. I don’t say this lightly, but I also feel that many people who claim to advocate in support of the right to life fail to consider or account for the quality of life – to say nothing of the fact that those same people rarely, if ever, have any real, helpful solutions to offer.

  2. Thank you for your courteous reply in return. I wish I could take credit for the words I posted, but they belong to the authors I named and linked to after each quote.

    I’m sorry to hear that you feel (and may have encountered) many people who identify as pro-life rarely have any real helpful solutions to offer. In the following quote, Jennifer Fulwiler refers to one of the types of help available:

    “In addition, there are more than 2,300 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States today, most of which offer everything from lodging to baby supplies to job placement help for mothers facing difficult pregnancies. In fact, there are more crisis pregnancy centers in the country than there are abortion clinics. Claims that pro-lifers care less about the mothers than unborn babies can be easily refuted by looking at the number of resources available to pregnant women that are run by pro-life organizations.” http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/column/eight-responses-to-the-pro-choice-mindset-585/

    And here is a link to find many of those Centers: http://optionline.org/

    I share this not to excuse any pro-life advocates that have come across as uncaring, but just to suggest that many really do care and also as an example of just some of the resources available. As another example, here is a link to a new organization that is starting to do some really good things: https://www.savethestorks.com/

    Here is one other quote [because that’s what I do with this blog 🙂 ] from Chapter 11 of Trent Horn’s book, Persuasive Pro-Life, that I think is relevant too:

    “Pro-life advocates are sometimes asked, “If abortion is made illegal, how are you going to care for all these children?” I have been told that if I stop a woman from having an abortion, I must personally pay for all her child-raising expenses until the child is eighteen. Some opponents have even told me I have to pay for the child’s college tuition as well. Does this criticism of the pro-life movement show that abortion should remain legal? If this were the nineteenth century, I would not have to guarantee slave owners that I could provide jobs for slaves in order to justify ending slavery. Slavery was wrong because it exploited human beings. Even if no abolitionists had hired ex-slaves, that would not mean it was okay to keep slavery legal.”


    “…this argument assumes incorrectly that pro-life advocates don’t care about born children. Many pro-life pregnancy centers provide parenting classes and baby supplies, and some have medical staff that can perform prenatal care. Pro-life advocates also operate maternity homes where poor or homeless pregnant women can stay for free, sometimes up to a year after the baby is born.”

    Thank you again for your comment and respectful dialogue.

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