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Mother Angelica and the Value of a Single Human Life

I wonder sometimes when I read about the great saints and scholars, masterful musicians and heroic physicians, how much of their greatness came not in spite of their humble and even horrific beginnings,but precisely because of them.


I’m not advocating for a life of poverty or abusive childhoods here. Just challenging the prevailing cultural notion of comfort and prosperity as the essential ingredients to a life worth living, a life worthy of being allowed to live.

We don’t know the value of a single human life, nor can we proclaim at the outset how or whether someone will turn out to be any good at all.

Because sometimes the universe throws a curveball, and a little Rita Rizzo, slumming it in dirty apartments with a mentally ill mother and a deadbeat dad nowhere to be found, grows up to be among the most influential women of the 20th century.


Mother Mary Angelica, pray for us.


—from the blog post The Power of a Single Life by  Jenny Uebbing at Mamma Needs Coffee


One comment on “Mother Angelica and the Value of a Single Human Life

  1. Wow! I never knew that about Mother Angelica.

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