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What in our “Temple” needs to be purified?

Today the Church is the sacred Temple of Christ’s body; it is most itself when it gathers to pray as his body, and around his body and blood. Does it mean that the Church, in its institutional dimension, is beyond criticism? Obviously not. Sometimes we need the Lord to come into the Temple and clean it out.

Does it mean that, individually, we are clean and pure? No, in fact, it invites questions such as, what in our “Temple” needs to be purified? How have we allowed the moneychangers to invade the sacred space? What would arouse the anger of Jesus if he toured around inside our house?

—from Bishop Robert Barron’s Lenten Reflection emails, Day 42: Lord of the Temple


One comment on “What in our “Temple” needs to be purified?

  1. Pope Benedict writes in volume 2 of Jesus of Nazareth that The Cross has ended the days of the temple. Benedict explains that Christ body has become the temple and we become a part of his body through the Eucharist.

    Ultimately we become “clean,” or purified, by our faith in Christ.

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