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The Inextricable Dignity of Fallen Giants (and Every Person)

I have learned that not only are my heroes fallible in ways big and small, but I am too. I have learned that in the midst of my sins and shortcomings, I hunger more for mercy and less for justice. I have come to understand that the world’s shallow judgement of success and failure is false because it is binary. It is not a matter of being “up or down”, “in or out”, “heroic or villainous”. Instead, we live as valuable children of God striving to overcome our sin, succeeding some moments, failing in others, but always walking a road with a God who never gives up on us because He imparted a dignity inextricable from us. And that is a mighty satisfying realization.


Giant-killers don’t bother me so much anymore. Frankly, I find their fad tiresome. They seem to lack insight that was well-articulated by G.K. Chesterton,

“The great strength of Christian sanctity has always been simply this – that the worst enemies of the saints could not say of the saints anything worse than [the saints] said of themselves.

—From the blog post The Tiresome Fad of Giant Killing by Tod Worner



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