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The Forgiveness of Sins

Why is it great to be Catholic?  Four words: The forgiveness of sins.  When asked why he chose to become Catholic, English convert and author G.K. Chesterton was brief: “To get rid of my sins.”  That is what Jesus commanded His Church to do by His power: forgive sins (John 20:21-23). The world has seen any number of institutions dedicated to building roads, or waging war, or collecting money, or turning a profit, or offering therapy.  But only one thing in the history of the world was ever sent into the world for the express purpose of forgiving sin: the Church founded by Jesus Christ.  And it’s what a world haunted by guilt and wounded by the crimes that blot the headlines needs more than anything else.  We are a race that craves absolution and Jesus Christ gives it freely.

—from the blog post Why is it Great to Be Catholic? by Mark Shea at the National Catholic Register



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