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Illusion and Factual Frugality

But when it comes to our routine choices and decisions, most of act as though we are by no means strangers and nomads here below. We assume that we belong here, that this is our fatherland, that our security is enhanced by a higher salary, a paid-up mortgage, and adequate coverage by insurance. Most people seem to feel so at home in this life that, aside from tragedy that may on occasion cross their paths, they give scarcely a thought to heaven as their real, influencing-me-now goal.


Factual frugality embraced in faith upsets all this illusion. It makes one experientially aware (not simply in abstract theory) that we have here no lasting city. At his last breath the multimillionaire is just as penniless as the dying beggar in a Calcutta street. But few of us are willing to face this plain fact. We prefer illusion because the center of our gravity is not God.

—from Happy are You Poor: The Simple Life and Spiritual Freedom by Fr. Thomas DuBay, Ch. 9: Pilgrim Witness



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