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God entered the world in a family.

—from the Catholic News Agency internet article Final synod document strongly backs Church teaching, beauty of family life

Only God “is the Lord of life from it’s beginning to it’s end,” the document continued. “No one, under any circumstance, can claim for themselves the right to directly destroy an innocent human being.”Openness to life was also underlined as an “intrinsic requirement of married love.”

While an unfortunate mentality has diffused in society which reduces procreation “to individual gratification or that of the couple,” the synod fathers stressed that children are always a blessing, and are especially loved by Christ.

The beauty of marriage and the family was expressed throughout the document, with strong references to marriage indissolubility from the beginning to the end.


Emphasis was placed up front on the indispensable role families play in the Church…

“So much was God’s love that he began to walk with humanity, he began to walk with his people, until it came time to mature and he gave the greatest sign of his love: his Son,” the document read.

“And where did he send his Son? To a palace? To a city? To make an impression? He sent him to a family. God entered the world in a family.”

In paragraph four, synod fathers said that the family, founded on the marriage of a man and woman, is the “magnificent and in-substitutable place” of love and the transmission of life.


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