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To Enter Fully Into the Holy Scriptures

This account chows the importance Holy Scripture has for evangelization—and how necessary a guide is for its interpretation: “I can say from my own experience that I am neither more studious nor more saintly than the eunuch who left the royal palace and traveled up from Egypt, from the ends of the earth, to the temple—a man whose love for divine knowledge was so great that he read the sacred texts as he journeyed in his carriage. And he, moreover, did not truly know him who is venerated by that book. Philip came to him and revealed Jesus who is hidden, imprisoned almost, in the words of the text […] and in that moment the eunuch believed and was baptized, made one of the faithful and holy. I tell you this so that you may see that no one can enter fully into the Holy Scriptures without having the help of someone to show him the way.” (St. Jerome, Epist., 53, 5-6)

That guide is the reliable interpretation of the Church, to who God entrusted the books which he inspired.

Navarre Bible – New Testament: Compact Edition, from the commentaries on Acts 8:26-40



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