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Contraception, NFP, and Scrabble

When we talk about contraception, especially methods with no abortifacient potential, people tend to say, “Well, NFP is the same thing.  You’re preventing births. You’re just using time, rather than a physical barrier, as your thing to avoid pregnancy.”

This gets a little comical half a second later, when you say, “Gosh, if they are the same thing, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t switch.”

They are most definitely not the same thing.  Choosing to abstain is radically different from choosing to have sex.  It is much harder to play Scrabble while having sex, for one thing.

The whole point of contraception is that you intend to have sex but don’t want the consequences that might follow.  The whole point of NFP is that because you are concerned about the consequence, you choose not to have sex.

What does this do to you as a person? To you as a couple?  To you as a member of society?

The thing that contraception does is that it turns sex into something you are convinced that you need.

This is a problem because it is a lie, and a deadly one.

READ THE REST: Pro-Life, Married, and Contracepting: Is There a Problem? by Jennifer Fitz at Sticking the Corners


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