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Sin of the Century

It is no accident that murder, theft, lying, and adultery are among the sins prohibited by the Ten Commandments, the essence of the law that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. But there is nothing special about these laws, nothing peculiarly “Jewish” or “Christian” about them. They are universal…

Some people try to raise doubts about the possibility of universal moral norms. Yet their very arguments, like the arguments against logic we discussed in Chapter 2, are self-refuting. They say for example, that “there are no absolutes”—yet that itself is an absolute statement! Or they say, “You should never impose your morality on people”—which is itself a moral prescription! In rejecting morality, people must paradoxically embrace a morality that is opposite and equally opposing.

Reasons to Believe Ch. 4: Right and Wrong

Reasons to Believe


“The sin of the century is the loss of the sense of sin.”

—Pope Pius XII in a Radio Message to the U.S. National Catechetical Congress in Boston (October 26,1946)


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