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The Cross is Not a Couch

I could have easily featured the entirety of this blog post, The Weakness of Love in a Wold of Hate, by Father Anthony Gerber. The whole thing is very good and very well written and worth highlighting.

Below is only a portion of the introduction (to give you an idea what the blog post is about) and the conclusion (as some kind of take away for those who end up not choosing to read the whole thing.)

But you really should just stop reading here, and immediately start reading here.


Priests are fathers and we’re tempted with the weariness too. I felt it last week when our culture was conversing about the Supreme Court decision (and with varying degrees of civility). Would another word from me really matter—especially since this conversation has been deteriorating for the past half-century? And could I give a word with charity?


I knew that I would need time to reflect, pray, think, get some exercise, seek wisdom and counsel—and only then open my mouth.

And so, having done that, this is what I would say to all who would hear:

Click here to read the rest.


My deeper concern is about my children who do not listen to their priestly fathers. Or to their mother, the Church. Or to God the Father.

And if God isn’t their dad, then who is? There is only one other father: the father of lies.

I will admit: as a priest and father, I am hurt by the brokenness of the world. I am hurt by it because I do love. I love my children who are here and who are away. I go in search for those who are lost. And if the world should call this hate, then I long not be a part of this world.

Yes, these are difficult times. But I am reminded that the Cross is a Cross—not a couch. Catholics are no longer going to be able to be both Catholic and comfortable. Many of us will be faced with difficult decisions—if we haven’t been already. Some of these will involve business, to which our Lord says,

It profits a man nothing if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.

Some of the difficult decision will involve friends and even family. We love them, but they are not the be-all, end-all. Christ first. Hear Him when He asks:

Do you love me more than these?

And then, to those who have found these words too difficult to bear: He says

And you, will you leave me as well?

To which I respond:

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

Let us pray for each other in our weaknesses, that God may strengthen us by His Love!

—from the blog post The Weakness of Love in a Wold of Hate, by Father Anthony Gerber

—I came across this blog post on Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble’s blog Pursued by Truth as a Guest Contributor post under the title If #LoveWins, What Has Lost?


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