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Surrender, Asceticism, and the Most Important Thing We Have To Do on the Supernatural Plane

This total surrender presupposes an equally total asceticism, and asceticism that is at the same time more demanding but less difficult than those penances we can read about in traditional pious literature. It is more demanding, because one must continually give up all one’s own plans and desires. Everything must be offered at every moment. But it is still less difficult, since the offering is a step into God’s rest (Heb 4:3). It is infinitely liberating not to have to stand on one’s own two feet, to be allowed to be God’s child and play before his face.


De Caussade explains further how God, in his goodness, arranges that what is the most necessary on the natural plane is also easy and light. Nothing is as necessary as breathing, sleeping, and eating, but neither is anything as easy. It must be the same on the supernatural plane. The most important thing we have to do on that plane is to love. Therefore it must be easy to love. Everyone who tries and who crosses the threshold discovers, to his great amazement, that it is much easier to love than not to love.

—from Into Your Hands, Father: Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us by Wilfrid Stinissen, Ch. 3: Being God’s Instrument



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