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Greed and More Greed

Here are 8 reasons why one blogger believes greed is the most pervasive sin of our culture today. She expounds on each of these with some interesting thoughts and questions, so check out full blog post HERE.

  • Greed keeps people quiet, noses to the grindstone.
  • Greed leads to corruption in schools, churches and charities.
  • Greed leads to the misuse of your taxes.
  • Greed leads to the spreading and acceptance of more greed.  
  • Greed insulates against having to feel any responsibility for anyone else and fools you into thinking you are just being practical.
  • Greed delays true maturity.
  • Greed replaces children with “stuff.”
  • Greed makes you compete for handouts instead of fixing the system.

—from Why I Believe Greed is the Most Pervasive Sin of Our Culture Today by Marissa Nichols at The Theology of Laundry


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