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Modernists, Nones, and What God Will Do

So the modernists eviscerated the church and cleansed it of the supernatural. They brought in banal hymns, even more banal sermons about being nice to one another, built flying pancake churches and brought in awful rock bands and polyester vestments and told everyone to just try a little bit harder to be nice folks.

And then the churches emptied. People felt if that was church they didn’t really need it, and they were right.


Then here’s the crunch. When the churches emptied and people voted with their feet the modernists said, “I guess we didn’t have enough modernism. To get people back we need MORE peace and justice stuff, MORE rock bands, MORE do-gooder sermons, MORE vapid homilies, in effect, MORE modernism.

—from the blog post Modernism is Madness by Fr. Dwight Longenecker



Why go to church anyway? If it was really only about social work, then why the early weekend pep talk with music? Why not sleep in?


And you know what? They’re right. You can do all that without going to church.

So the reason the “nones” are deserting religion in droves is because it isn’t religion anymore.

—from the blog post Why Are The “Nones” Leaving Religion? by Fr. Dwight Longenecker


The great Catholic revival and the generation of saints in early 17th century France emerged from circumstances vastly grimmer than this. 8 religious civil wars in 32 years. 20 percent of the population of Paris died in a religiously-fueled siege.


What God has done in and through his Church before, he can easily do again. He is simply looking for men and women who will say “yes” with their whole being.

—from the blog post What God Will Do, Despite the Pew Study by Sherry Weddell

Further reading: Do Not Become Part of the Abomination by Sherry Weddell



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