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You, Reaching Toward Heaven

From Cathedral of You at Pietra Fitness:

 God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth: the architect

Christ Jesus: the foundation, the cornerstone, the Exemplar, the Plan

Holy Spirit: the supernatural breath of life within us

Your Body: the structure

Your Soul: the tabernacle, where the Holy Spirit dwells

Your Intellect and Will: the caretaker, the steward


Historically cathedrals were built so that they could be seen from anywhere in town.  They were placed in a central location and built to amazing heights.  The sight of the cathedral provided the community with a visual reminder of the physical presence of Christ in the tabernacle.  It also inspired awareness of spiritual realities.  Much like the cathedrals of stone and marble, you have been created to glorify God with your whole person, testifying to spiritual truths and reaching toward Heaven.


In each of your decisions, ask yourself:

  • “Am I raiding the church or restoring it?”
  • “Am I putting the church at risk, or am I protecting it?”
  • “What result will this have on the body of Christ?”



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