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Adoration Prayer

O Lord, thank you for this hour of Eucharistic devotion. It comes as a time of peace, recollection, and healing. How privileged I am to spend an hour with you! It makes me feel like the apostles and the disciples who were able to speak quietly with you along the road, perhaps sitting under a tree in the evening.

What am I to say to you? You know everything about me. You know all my needs, all my failings—and even my good intentions. In this hour I adore you as the infinite and Holy One of God. You and the Father are one and you have promised that we will be one in you. I give you thanks for all the blessings of my life which I so seldom think of. I thank you for life itself, material and spiritual.

I ask you forgiveness and healing for all my short-comings and sins; all the times that unthinkingly I have failed you and fallen short of the grace that you gave me. And finally I place before you confidently everyone that I care about, every concern that I have, every need of my life. I promise to trust you no matter what happens to me. You will bring good out of even the worst of it. I do not ask you to change what is to be. Rather, in whatever there is to be, let me find your will, your holiness, and your opportunity for me to grow. I will try to say, “I know that you are with me.” Finally, I redirect my life, my desires, my hopes, to you, not only for myself but for all whom I care about and for the whole world. May your kingdom come. May your Holy Spirit be with us. Send him constantly to us as you promised you would at the Last Supper.

As I look at this mysterious sign, the white host, my eyes tell me nothing of who is there, but faith affirms in my heart that you, my Lord and God, are there. I thank you for this precious gift of faith. Amen.

—from Praying in the Presence of Our Lord by Fr. Benedict Groeschel

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