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Perfection, Pt. 1

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states (in it’s very first teaching,) our one purpose in life is, “To know God, to serve God, and to Love God.” If this is true (and it is), our intent should be to fulfill this purpose wholly and fully. Quite simply, this is the pursuit of perfection, and it is to be understood literally and in the absolute. We succeed in trying. We are, at our very core, absolute creatures. Ultimately, we will be rendered absolutely good and worthy of His paradise, or absolutely bad and unworthy of His paradise. Every material incident or action in our life leads us in one of those two directions. It can only make sense that our intent should be to only do what is good and pleasing to our Creator and Just Judge.

—from 8 Days and Virtue: A Spiritual Memoir and Prose Poem by Andrew McNabb, 8 Days: Day 1

8 days


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