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A New Work of Art

The Red Boat

The Red Boat by Ruth Oosterman — See more of her pictures by clicking HERE.

In a television program I once saw, an artist would invite small children to come up and scribble on his canvas. The challenge was for him to produce something artistic and beautiful out of something deeply flawed. I was astonished at how he was able to do this. He would step back, examine the scribble, and then start drawing with it, incorporating it into a new and bigger idea. Suddenly what had seemed senseless and random became part of a beautiful piece of art. I think this is what God does with our disorders and failings, when we allow Him. Like the television artist, he doesn’t erase our scribbling—our sins—and start over from scratch. He integrates them into a new work of art, one better than we could possibly have imagined.

—from The Way of Serenity by Fr. Jonathan Morris, Ch. 1: A Peace That Comes from God



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