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“All my generation knew about human sexuality had been founded on a lie”

—from Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler, Ch. 33

All my generation knew about human sexuality had been founded on a lie. They had been told that there was no need to give a second thought to parenthood when they engaged in sex; they were encouraged to think of sex as being primarily about their own pleasure. It was a lie that put women at war not only with their own bodies, but with their children.

…Catholicism didn’t teach that people had to try have a baby with every sexual act, but it did say that it’s a grave disrespect to both human sexuality and human life to try to sever the connection between the two. It connected contraception not only to abortion but also to homicide and euthanasia because it saw that a society can only respect human life to the extent that it respects the act that creates human life. Once a society determines that inconvenient life that results from sexual activity can be extinguished, it won’t stop there. All inconvenient life must go.

The Church had been warning people for decades that they misunderstood this most fundamental human act and predicted this error would be bad news for us all. And the Church was right.

something other than God


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