St. Augustine and St. Joan of Arc on Jesus Christ and the Church

795 Christ and his Church thus together make up the “whole Christ” (Christus totus). The Church is one with Christ. The saints are acutely aware of this unity:

Let us rejoice then and give thanks that we have become not only Christians, but Christ himself. Do you understand and grasp, brethren, God’s grace toward us? Marvel and rejoice: we have become Christ. For if he is the head, we are the members; he and we together are the whole man…. the fullness of Christ then is the head and the members. But what does “head and members” mean? Christ and the Church.230


A reply of St. Joan of Arc to her judges sums up the faith of the holy doctors and the good sense of the believer: “About Jesus Christ and the Church, I simply know they’re just one thing, and we shouldn’t complicate the matter.”233

230 St. Augustine, In Jo. ev, 21, 8: PL 35, 1568.

233 Acts of the Trial of Joan of Arc.

—from the Catechism of the Catholic Church



—I also came across the quote from St. Joan of Arc at the end of the Parishable Items blog post: One Bible, Many Interpretations


2 comments on “St. Augustine and St. Joan of Arc on Jesus Christ and the Church

  1. Love St. Joan of Arc’s quote. So simple and yet so powerful.

  2. Agreed, and it was that quote alone that I was originally going to share here, but after looking it up in the Catechism, I decided to include St. Augustine’s thoughts too.

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