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The Most Effective Means to Sanctity

If we want to revitalize religious life, we need to rethink our methodology.  We need to stop telling people to look within their hearts for an innate desire for religious life. […] Theresa of Avila even tells us that she became a nun, against her own desires, because she “saw that the religious state was the best and safest.”  Religious life is daunting, it is tough, and it requires us to give up many good things.  But, according to the Church and her great saints, it is the surest road to holiness.  And that is why we choose it.  The only way to increase vocations is to tell young Catholics the truth about religious life.  Religious life is the most effective means to sanctity—more effective than marriage, and more effective than any other calling.

—from the internet article Sacrificing Religious Life on the Altar of Egalitarianism by Br. Justin Hannegan at Crisis Magazine


One comment on “The Most Effective Means to Sanctity

  1. I never really thought of that before.

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