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The Introductions to The Passion of the Christ

The gospels have been described by one 19th century German theologian as “passion narratives with long introductions”.  The good news that Christians had to tell–indeed the only news they had to tell–was not that Jesus was a moralist, or a miracle worker, or pro-life, or told some nifty stories.  It was that he was God incarnate who had suffered and died for our sins and then been raised to life on the third day, now to rule and reign over the universe till the last enemy, death, was put under his feet and he returned on the Last Day to judge the living and the dead.  All the stories, saying, parables, and miracles in the gospels are just commentary on and preparation for that.

—from the Aleteia internet article Boy, Was I Wrong About “The Passion of the Christ” by Mark Shea who regularly blogs at Catholic and Enjoying It!


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