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On Worshiping With Our Whole Being — Body and Soul, Pt. 1

God united divinity and humanity in the person of Christ not to free us from our bodies but to redeem them and all creation. God made us with souls and bodies. God wants us to worship him with our whole being—body and soul. Bowing and kneeling, robes, thrones and crowns, white, scarlet and purple, incense, candles and bells aren’t just nice extras. They belong in our worship.

The worship of God, surely, should be the place where men, angels, and devils may see human flesh once more set free into all that it was created to be. To restrict that worship to sitting on pews and listening to words spoken is to narrow things down in a manner strange to the gospel. We are creatures who are made to bow, not just spiritually (angels can do that) but with knee-bones and neck muscles. We are creatures who cry out to surge in great procession, ‘ad altare Dei,’ not just in our hearts (dis-embodied spirits can do that) but with our feet, singing great hymns with our tongues, our nostrils full of the smoke of incense. [T. Howard, Evangelical Is Not Enough (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1984), 37]

—from A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn, Ch. 13: Here Comes the Bride



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