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Sex and the Eucharist

For the present, we must clarify the simple fact that saying, “Handle with care”—or even “Handle with extreme care”—is in no way synonymous with saying, “This is bad.” In fact, what are those things in life that we handle with the most care? The things that have the most inherent value. It’s because sex is so valuable, because it’s so precious in the eyes of Christ and his Church that it must be handled with extreme care.

There’s a parallel here with another holy mystery of the Church: the Eucharist. The Church has many “strict” teachings about who can and cannot receive the Eucharist, how it’s to be received, and with what spiritual dispositions. I would be absurd to conclude that the Church is therefore “down on the Eucharist.” It’s no less absurd to conclude that the Church is down on sex because of her strict moral teachings about it.

—from Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West, Ch. 2: Who Says?—Church Authority and Other Preliminary Questions

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One comment on “Sex and the Eucharist

  1. Another great analogy.

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