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Following Christ, Keeping His Commandments, and Making Moral Judgments

We are free to make our own choices. The Church never imposes her teaching. But the Church does boldly and fearlessly propose her teachings to the world as the truth of what it means to love. We’re free to embrace the Church’s proposal or reject it. Love can’t be forced on anybody.

While it’s true that God alone can judge the human heart, we can and must make moral judgments about certain behaviors. The Church would betray God and all humanity if she didn’t uphold God’s will as the objective standard for all. To condemn a person’s behaviors is not to condemn the person, but to call that person to embrace the truth of love.

Love isn’t arbitrary. Love isn’t whatever makes a person “feel good.” Love means following Christ and keeping his commandments (See Jn 15:10). This is what the Church’s teaching is all about. And it’s a joy to live, not a burden.

—from Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West, Ch. 2: Who Says?—Church Authority and Other Preliminary Questions

Good News
—from the blog post Jesus wants you to judge by Matt Walsh

[Jesus] was loving and peaceful, but He was also manly, strong, courageous, outspoken, decisive, and commanding. He wasn’t a hippy. He was, and is, a King and a Warrior. Our culture has an agenda, and the agenda has nothing to do with following Christ or His precepts. Flimsy modern weaklings have taken the “don’t judge” concept out of context — twisted it, perverted it, and used it as an excuse to sit silently while all manner of unspeakable evils happen in their midst.

They’ve tried to turn Christianity into a religion of apathy and permissiveness.

So, don’t judge? Wrong. Judge. We must judge. The Bible exists, in large part, to shape our judgement and to tell us how to judge.

—Read the rest HERE.


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