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True Freedom

Suppose you just purchased a new car and are pulling into a gas station to fill it up for the first time. The sticker by the gas tank reads “unleaded gas only.”

Now, the person that designed the car knows it inside and out. He knows what’s best for it. It would be foolish to say, “I don’t care what the manufacturer says. I’m stickin’ diesel in here.” If you did so, you would have some major car troubles.

Just as it is with the car, the only way our lives will “run” the way they’re meant to run is if we live according to the Designer’s plan. The sticker on the car isn’t meant to limit our freedom but to facilitate our freedom in making good choices. It’s the same with God’s commands. They serve our freedom.

True freedom is not to do whatever I want. True freedom is to do whatever’s good, whatever’s in keeping with the truth of our humanity. As Jesus said, it’s the truth that sets us free (see Jn 8:32).

—from Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West, Ch. 1: The Great Mystery – Laying the Foundation

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