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Unity, Pt. 3 Or: Catholic

With no visible head to point to for a unity in faith, the non-Catholic is left with penning his unique confessional statement in order to identify his beliefs amongst the choices floating out there.

Meanwhile, when a Catholic confesses to adhering to the Magisterium, what that Catholic admits submitting to is best expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This statement of faith is far more than a few well-worded paragraphs.  It is 900 pages of explicit teaching on all things of faith and morals covered in a lovely shade of hunter green.

When a Christian admits to being subordinate to Holy Mother Church, the simple word “Catholic” packs a very powerful punch.  The word “Catholic” expresses more in that single word than a uniquely drafted confessional statement.

—from the blog post Statements of Faith vs. “I’m Catholic” by Adrienne at Catholic Sistas


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