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But here is the core problem. Here is the practical reason why people are not convinced of the Catholic faith anymore:

We Catholics don’t look or act any different than non-catholics. It’s that simple.

The question we must answer is “if Catholicism offers a better way, why don’t Catholics’ lives seem any better?”

If we believe our faith and action in this life has eternal consequences, why don’t we act like it? If the God of our universe, the Creator of everything, is truly present in the Eucharist, why don’t our actions show this?

If our relationship with God is truly the most important relationship, why don’t our daily schedules reflect that? If our marriages and families are our greatest blessings, why do we sacrifice them for our careers?

If God has a plan for us, why do we make so many plans without him? And why are we not on our knees every morning thanking, praising and giving over to him every moment of our entire day?

If Catholicism is true, why isn’t everything we do ordered around this Truth?


If we want the world to take Catholicism seriously, we must first take it seriously ourselves. That means making radical changes to the ways we live our lives. We need more people to answer the radical call to sainthood. We need saints. Not just saints of the past, but your sainthood.

When the world sees you, they don’t have to see a saint, but at least let them see a sinner set on sainthood. We shouldn’t need to tell people we’re Catholic. They should smell it in our sweat.

—from the blog post Why the world doesn’t take Catholicism seriously by Matthew Warner at the National Catholic Register



One comment on “Catholic?

  1. Once again what I read on your blog has me striving to make becoming a saint a greater priority in my life.

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