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Go Ahead and Tell Him

Many of us have a “book of firsts”… baby’s first tooth, baby’s first word, baby’s first steps… Wouldn’t it be something if we had a book of lasts? You know, if we knew this was the last time I got to see my grandma, or the last time my daughter will let me snuggle with her, or the last time my son will let me play catch with him. Wouldn’t you savor that moment? And you’d throw that softball back and forth, or whatever, no matter how tired you were because it was your last time. We don’t have a book of lasts.  …be sure and treasure the gifts we have now while we have them.

It’s one of our great teachings, the Communion of Saints. And there is a veil that separates this world and the next, We don’t see them, but it is our faith that we are connected and that love is forever. And somehow they will always be a part of us and we a part of them, and so yes, ask God to bless them but also say to them what we need to say. Sometimes people say I just wish I’d told my dad I loved him before he died. Well go ahead and tell him.

—Fr. Joe Kempf on The Inner Life with Chuck Neff on Relevant Radio, May 14, 2013, Topic – Family: Holding On and Letting Go


I love you, Dad.



One comment on “Go Ahead and Tell Him

  1. So….I’m crying yet again on this the anniversary of Dad’s earthly death. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll join you in saying, “I love you, Dad!”

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