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Always A Child

870 Don’t try to be older.
A child, always a child, even when you are dying of old age.
When a child stumbles and falls, nobody is surprised,
and his father promptly picks him up.

When the person who stumbles and falls is older,
the immediate reaction is one of laughter.
Sometimes, after this first impulse, the laughter gives way to pity.
But older people have to get up by themselves.

Your sad experience is that each day is full of stumbles and falls.
What would become of you if you were not continually more of a child?

Don’t try to be older. Be a child, and when you stumble,
may your Father God pick you up by the hand.


890 You are distracted in prayer.
Try to avoid distractions, but don’t worry if in spite of everything
you’re still distracted.

Don’t you see how in ordinary life
even the most considerate children play with everything around them,
and often pay no attention to what their father says?
This does not imply a lack of love, or respect:
it’s the weakness and littleness proper to a child.

Look then: you are a child before God.

—from The Way by Saint Josemaria Escriva

imgJosemaria Escriva4


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