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A Mandate to Love Others Away From the Culture of Death

But we’re a culture that insists that new and unplanned life is a problem, not an opportunity for expanding ourselves in self-giving, sacrificial love.

A culture that has distanced itself from the cross — the redemptive infusion of meaning to our suffering — convinces itself that abortion is a necessary solution to a problem. And by doing so we deny women and mothers and men their dignity. We pretend that there is new life for an individual through the death of another in her care…

Here, too, is the opportunity the Gosnell case presents: It informs our national conscience and demands our urgent attention and action.

This knowledge mandates us to love women and men and their children away from the grips of a culture of death that insists it is best, that up is down and wrong is right.

—from the National Catholic Register article History’s Jury is Out: Has Gosnell Rocked Our Conscience? by Kathryn Jean Lopez



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