Prayers: Bless This Mess

I picked up and randomly flipped through the book Bless This Mess in the Adoration Chapel at church a couple of days ago, and these were the two prayers that I read. 

I’m tired.
The burdens that are mine to carry are heavy indeed.
And constant.
And depressing.

They may seem small to someone else,
but someone else isn’t carrying them.
I’m sorry Lord.
I guess I’m just burden conscious today.
My burden conscious.

Some problems can be battled,
others can only be borne.
And they get heavy.
They get in the way of living.
Sometimes I get so tangled up in my problems
that I let whole days go by—
because I am burden conscious.

But the sun still shines;
the daffodils outside my window are incomparably yellow.
In my better moments I know thou art with me.
That being so,
the burden is not mine alone.

Thank you Lord.


Ah, Lord,
the little ways in which we trade away our lives!
Forgive the stupidity that allows us to demean our sonship
by cheating
or gossiping,
by withholding forgiveness,
by magnifying the thoughtlessness of another until it becomes a wall,
by fretting away our irretrievable days.

When we stop to belittle,
when we enjoy and off-color joke,
when we compromise,
we give away part of our worth.
We are less.

And for such little things, Lord.

Like the nightingale who sold his feathers
(one by surely-I-won’t-miss-just-one)
for a bucket of worms,
we sell our ability to reach the unreachable sky
for such unworthy little things.

Father, forgive.

Help us remember
that we are children of the Almighty God.



2 comments on “Prayers: Bless This Mess

  1. That 1st one could have been written by me. 🙂

    • Me too. I just don’t say it as a prayer. The things that aren’t going right pass through my mind at some point, I remember a few things I have to be grateful for, acknowledge they are just as meaningful as the things that aren’t going right, and then I get back to whatever it is I need to do that day.

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