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2%, 70%, or 90%

—from the July 2013 Miles Christi newsletter

If a father does not go to church, no matter how faithful your wife is, one child in 50 will become regular followers of Jesus Christ, going to Mass every week. That’s 2 percent. On the flip sided, if you men out there are going to Mass every Sunday, and leading your families, praying with them, and you have a wife that says ‘I’m never going to Mass with you. I don’t care about the Catholic faith.’ do you know  what the odds are of your children growing up to embrace the faith? Between 70 and 75 percent. Do you know what, men? It’s on us.

Now men, if we lead, if we’re going to daily Mass or weekly Mass and we’re praying the Rosary and our wives are saying, ‘I’m with you. I’m doing this with you.’ now what do you think the percentage of children practicing the faith are? Between 90 and 97 percent. But it starts with us, men! You can have Mother Teresa as your wife, and if you’re not going to Mass, 2 percent are going to grow up to be saints. So it’s on us.

—former Kansas City Royals All-Star Mike Sweeney, from his keynote address about what it means to be “a real man” and a “man of God” at the Miles Christi 9th Annual Benefit Dinner in Plymouth, Michigan on May 9, 2013


One comment on “2%, 70%, or 90%

  1. Okay, I get their newsletter. How did I miss this statistic. All fathers should be given those stats.

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